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Where Art thou Peace, Where Art thou Hiroshima

To give a reason to think about



What can Art do? What can Art bring to people? It was the fundamental question. “Where Art thou Peace” meaning “Where is Peace?” include the word “art” in its phrase. we interpret it to mean “the Art”. Therefore this project is meant to make people think about Peace through Art.

For most people, Peace is not an everyday theme to think about, because we can live without facing it. But there are lots of parts of the world, where people have to face it every time they breathe. So,


"What is Peace?"

"Where is Peace?"

"How much is Peace?"

"When is it Peace?"

"Who wants Peace?"

"Why Peace?"

As long as we exist, these questions are something we can't avoid. So why not take some time and think about it? Difficult to think of such a vague topic? Well think of it through our art. Art is something that makes a life colorful, but at the same time, it can send strong messages to the people. We won't force you any Peace, we just want you to take a minute and we'll give you a reason to think about Peace.

Next question is why Hiroshima. Well, Hiroshima is a city of Peace. It has become a symbol of Peace.  Each year, memorial ceremonies are held all over the world, with a message of “ No more Hiroshima”.  But now, as years pass by, the image of Peace is being forgotten little by little. Yet as you actually visit Hiroshima, you can “feel “ it's message. But not all can travel so far to actually visit the park. So by using art and photography, we will share with you, thought for Peace.

Peace is not something which just comes by on its own, but something we have to think about, care for, strive for, and live for.


We just hope that people can always live with a smile on their face. That is what Peace is all about.

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