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About this Project


We decided to start this project from Hiroshima, as it is a symbol of Peace and it is widely known throughout the world. It was to make its mark at Hiroshima Triennale and then to the world. But sadly Hiroshima Triennale was canceled due to CoronaVirus and more. So we decided to hold an exhibition at the A-bombed building, Hiroshima Branch of the Bank of Japan. It is still unknown(as of Aug.6 2021) as to if we are able to hold the event with the current situation over CoronaVirus. So we decided to step ahead and start online.

At this moment, this entire project consists of the Monochrome Filmgraphy Project, and the Artisan Creative Project. These two main streams will keep going at the same time, sometimes linking to each project and sometimes totally separate. This project will aim to be a long term worldwide web based project, and we are always looking for artists and artisans willing to take a part in the project. As well we are always looking for the corporate partners, who would support us in any way. Right now several sponsors are providing us with their product to be used in this project. We welcome any funding as well as product and man-power support. Also those interested in having us to hold an exhibition, please contact us as well.

We are planning on working with museums and galleries across the world for an exhibition as well as an event.  Also we will hold a workshop as well. We are planning on linking to educational organizations across the world to let people take a part in this project.




full of creativity and imagination


with eyes and visions for the future

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