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Where Art thou Peace
​                  Where Art thou Hiroshima


Imagine Peace.


Monochrome Photo by various photographers.

Photographers all around the world shoot the scenes, views and moments we feel peace. It can be anything from a beautiful life, a speechless scenery, to animals and pets that makes you smile.

Monochrome photography limits information to your brain, and you must think for yourself, what the color would be, should be, and could be.

Yes, this is the important part. All the photos here makes you think! What is the situation? What is the color? What is the temperature? what is the smell? What is the history behind it, and more.

We live in a world full of answers, and sometimes we forget to think. Peace is not something that comes by on it's own nor "take it for free" thing. Let's take a time to remember to think, and to think "what is Peace".

Gallery inside, so take a moment and have a look.




Various Expressions of Peace Displayed

This Project started in Hiroshima, as Hiroshima stands for the symbol of Peace. We decided to do an exhibition at the A-bombed building of Former Hiroshima Branch of the Bank of Japan. This building withstood the explosion and saved many lives as the structure was very rigid. It still stands in the city center to let us remember the casualties of war.

Well it is a beautiful building and is worth visiting. But at this time of COVID 19, we might have to reschedule our exhibition.

We are planning to have photos of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and it's sculptures and buildings by world famous architects and artists. Also we will be shooting some documentary of survivors of a-bomb, who now is an artist and is willing to speak out as an epilogue to his beautiful life. 



Other Art Project in progress

Alongside the monochrome photography, there are also many art project, which will also have the theme of "making people to think about Peace". 

One of which is Tamagosama project. Tamagosama or a Mr.Egg was born at Lexus Takumi Project in 2017. It was highly valued at ILC at Shanghai, China as well as Milano Salone in Milan, Italy. It is an extension of what started and it will  keep on running.

Another is to build a life-size A-bomb dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and to build an automata or a robot inside to send the message of Peace to the world. As I am one of the only three artisans left specializing in Japanese traditional automata, I will construct all based on natural materials, such as wood and bamboo for the most part. I am looking into doing a crowd funding, but am welcoming any support on building one of the most iconic automata of the century.

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